Ryuko Ishikawa MD , Psychiatrist and Director, Zendo Health Consultation


Zendo Health Consultation (ZHC) is a very unique and state-of-the-art organization/clinic which provides emotional care for individuals and families for both English and Japanese speakers.

ZHC uses “telepsychiatry”, one of the newest and most innovative ways of providing psychotherapy to patients in the comfort of their own home. It uses online video technology and is used mainly from long distance, such as between states and countries. Privacy is entirely protected by this unique new system of telepsychiatry.

The therapy itself does not focus on medications and works at treating and coaching clients through Family Systems Psychotherapy. If medications do become useful or necessary, Dr. Ishikawa will evaluate their need and provide them accordingly.

Welcome to Zendo Health Consultation Japan,
the office of Ryuko Ishikawa,M.D.

Dr. Ishikawa is an experienced and bilingual (English and Japanese) psychotherapist who is well-trained in Family Systems Psychotherapy. She is a Fellow in Family Psychiatry at Georgetown University and the Bowen Center, and is also at Fellow in Child Psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco.

As one of only a handful of psychiatrists with medical licenses to practice in both Japan and the United States, Dr. Ishikawa lives in San Francisco and operates her psychiatric clinic there.She has extensive clinical experience in both Japan and overseas and has broad professional perspective and a deep understanding of contemporary psychiatric issues. Her fields of expertise include areas involving couples, individuals, and family relationship conflicts, such as parent-child difficulties. As an expert in cross-cultural human relations, she also helps joint venture corporate firms between the United States and Japan.
Dr. Ishikawa was awarded a research fellowship in psychiatry from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut (F.F.R.P.) and went on to study child psychiatry as a Clinical Fellow in Child Psychiatry at the Langley Porter Neuro-Psychiatric Institute at the University of California at San Francisco. On returning to Japan, she focused her efforts on medical staff coaching and research as Chief Psychiatrist at Tokyo Metropolitan Umegaoka Hospital, where she helped create the first children’s psychiatric department in Japan. Later she returned to the United States where she completed advanced training in family psychiatry at Georgetown University’s Family Center in Washington, D.C. under the direct supervision of Professor Murray Bowen, M.D., the accomplished academic and internationally renowned clinicianrecognized for his “Family Systems Theory.”

Dr. Ishikawa completed her residency at Stanford University as prerequisite training for her United States medical license, which she received in 1986. She then became the Chief Psychiatrist at the San Mateo County Department of Mental Health, a position she left in 1992 to open her own practices in both the USA and Japan. She has been primarily working with clients on a private basis ever since.

In this new global society, especially for English speakers in Japan and Japanese speakers in the United States, online psychotherapy can be an invaluable tool for better mental health. Patients needing individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, patient education or medication management can access it via online video in the comfort of their own home or at a convenient local facility. It has also been found that patients who can access treatment from their own private space often experience added feelings of safety, security and privacy, all needed in the healing process.

Dr. Ishikawa’s many years of training, impeccable reputation and decades of devotion to her patients uniquely qualify her to play a leading role in the new and exciting field of Telepsychiatry. She can be contacted in the following ways:

 ・Initial consultation fee $〇〇
 ・individual therapy $〇〇
 ※(Scheduled twice a month, once a month or once every two months when symptoms stabilize)
・couples therapy $〇〇
・family therapy(Depends on individual case)

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